The Reference features a two speed, manual change, high torque synchronous motor, complete with an external power supply. Based on the 1964 Hydraulic Reference this new visualisation does away with all the original features such as variable hydraulic fluid speed control and stroboscopic read out courtesy of the original illuminated stroboscope. The iconic platter has been retained and so have the inertia platter weights that provide further mass and acoustic isolation. The whole turntable sits on three fully adjustable aluminium isopads incorporating cork damping.


  • Arm Board Supplied with Rega and SME. Other arm boards available
  • Drive Via thin sectioned neoprene rubber drive belt
  • Feet Three fully adjustable aluminium isofeet. +/- 10mm in all planes
  • Main Bearing Aluminium housing with a PTFE bearing liner
  • Main Bearing Spindle Slim-sectioned, one piece silver steel
  • Motor Low voltage, high torque AC synchronous
  • Plinth 40mm machined acrylic, incorporating onboard spirit level
  • Platter 305mm diameter x 40mm thick Delrin, complete with five inertia platter weights
  • Power External AC power supply
  • Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm, manual change
  • Tone Arm N/A
  • Warranty 2 Years